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ACCSN Allies

Brittany Hankamer

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Avantor

Brittany Hankamer, Executive Vice President, and Chief Human Resources Officer at Avantor, has a wealth of expertise in the scientific industry. Brittany stated that “I am delighted to be an ally of the ACCSN, as their passion lies in fostering authentic improvements that lead to tangible and meaningful change. Together, we can work towards creating a brighter future, where our collective efforts result in a positive impact on society.”

Joanna Jasiewicz

Race and Ethnicity Unit Lead, Global Inclusion, Royal Society of Chemistry

Joanna Jasiewicz, Race and Ethnicity Unit Lead, Global Inclusion at Royal Society of Chemistry, leads the Race and Ethnicity Unit at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), working with partners across the sectors to design and implement initiatives that collectively address systemic racism. Joanna is a social scientist by background, and before joining the RSC she led the work on racism and race at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she worked at the Centre for Global Equality (Cambridge), European Centre for Minority Issues (Germany) and at other Higher Education institutions in Europe. Joanna stated that “I am proud to be an ally to ACSSN recognising the Network’s important role in tackling racial inequalities in the sector and challenging the status-quo, as well as building and supporting a thriving community and addressing racial and ethnic underrepresentation.”

Oscar Ces

Head of Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London

Oscar Ces, is the Head of Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London and is the Hofmann Chair of Chemistry. As the head of Department, he is responsible for promoting a culture of equality, inclusivity, and diversity in our community in the Department of Chemistry and the wider society.

Oscar stated “I have always emphasised that while the importance of a diverse workforce is unquestionable, it is crucial for academia to move beyond mere discussions and take concrete actions to transform the student and staff composition. I am proud to be an Ally of the ACCSN, as they have played a significant role in facilitating actual and meaningful changes. As an Ally, I perceive my role as a provider of diverse forms of support, including offering advice, sharing personal experiences, providing moral encouragement, lending a listening ear, acting as a sounding board, offering protection, assuming a leadership role, and being a trusted confidant. Above all, I consider myself a champion, offering comfort and strength to bolster people’s ambitions, emotions, and overall well-being. Leveraging my extensive experience in ascending through different levels within the marketplace and cultivating relationships at the highest echelons, I am confident in my ability to offer valuable guidance and unwavering solidarity.

I used to firmly believe in the adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” thinking that success could be achieved through sheer determination and talent for anyone. However, it has become evident that this isn’t the reality for everyone, especially for individuals from black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds. Sadly, the playing field is not always level for them, and their efforts alone may not guarantee success. As an ally, I am fully dedicated to doing everything within my power to address these disparities and help create a more equitable and inclusive environment for everyone”.

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ACCSN is the first professional network dedicated to raising the black and ethnic representation in the commercial science industry.


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