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Raising the ethnic representation in commercial science.

The ACCSN is the first professional network dedicated to raising the black and ethnic representation in the commercial science industry.

The ACCSN was formed to support the development of aspiring and current professionals in the industry, make the commercial route more attractive for black and ethnic minorities, ultimately raising the representation whilst providing a space through which they can thrive together. The ACCSN works with a diverse pool of aspiring and current professionals, corporate sponsors and educational institutions to bring about this mission.

ACCSN’s Objectives


Equip current and aspiring professionals with the knowledge on the different career paths and skills required to progress in a career in commercial science. Ultimately leading a more diverse pipeline of talent in the commercial science sector.


Build a community of professionals in the industry to network, collaborate and form life-long networks.

Find Talent

Attract more black and ethnic minority talent to a career in commercial science. This will be done by creating access for young and aspiring professionals through mentorship, internships, and work experience.

Collaborate & Coordinate

Collaborate and coordinate with professionals in the commercial science sector to help increase the representation of black and ethnic minorities.


By challenging the status quo and working with scientific organisations to challenge and tackle the lack of diversity within commercial science sector.

ACCSN Advisors

Richard Amey

Senior Director Sales Excellence
Richard Amey is a commercial and sales excellence leader with a proven track record of improving businesses in a range of industries in both domestic and international markets. He has a wealth of experience in building trust, strategic questioning, complex problem solving, change management, and project management. Richard’s experience in various senior positions has allowed him to develop strong core competencies in business improvement, problem solving, leadership, sales enablement, and project management. His recent positions at Avantor and Health of Business showcase his ability to lead teams and build organizations from the ground up, providing value through innovative solutions and driving growth.

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ACCSN is the first professional network dedicated to raising the black and ethnic representation in the commercial science industry.


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