ACCSN Presents to Middlesex University Biochemistry Students

ACCSN had the pleasure of presenting to third-year Biochemistry students at Middlesex University on Friday, November 18th. The session was hosted by the University of Middlesex, who sought to provide its students with an understanding of the Commercial Science industry and the potential career paths they could pursue.

During the session, the ACCSN team discussed the various areas of Commercial Science, including life sciences, pharma, biotechnology, diagnostics, instrumentation, molecular biology, chemistry, medical devices, and immunology. They also outlined the roles available in Commercial Science, such as applications, marketing, sales, technical, and more.

The presentation emphasized the importance of utilizing both technical expertise and other distinctive soft/hard talents earned during academic programs, professional experience, and prior expertise, to contribute to science from another angle. The team also highlighted the importance of mentorship, resources, and growth opportunities in nurturing young talent and supporting professionals in their career development.

ACCSN expressed its appreciation to the University of Middlesex and everyone involved in making the event a success. They also expressed their hope to welcome the students into the industry soon.

ACCSN is a passionate advocate for career growth and development in Commercial Science, providing mentorship, resources, and opportunities for growth to professionals in the field.


 The Afro-Caribbean Commercial Science Network

ACCSN was formed to support the development of aspiring and current professionals in the industry to make the commercial route more attractive for black and ethnic minorities, ultimately raising the representation, whilst providing a space through which they can thrive together. 

Our work includes:

Mentorship and training

Networking and Events

Graduate Recruitment, internships, and work experience

Educating scientists/students on a career in commercial science

Supporting companies with diversity and inclusion strategies for example starting successful employee resource groups

Public speaking


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